Where to recycle that old phone book

August 27, 2008 · Print This Article

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We’ve talked about signing up to not receive phone books and statistics showing that humans actually still use them but what can you do with the stack you have lying around at home?

Yellow Pages and Keep America Beautiful have teamed up to offer phone book recycling in some areas. Just visit yellowpages.com, enter your zip cipher and find the nearest Keep America Beautiful affiliate to recycle your phone book.

If there is no

one in your area who recycles the books, how about covering the thickest one with duct tape or fabric and using it for a kids booster seat? That’s the most common home recycled phone book use I have seen. Or, use it for some other art projects. Or, perhaps since you can compost newspaper you can plus compost phone book pages? Let me know whether you know on that one.


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