What’s Your Eco-Resolution?

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The countdown to 2009 is literally hours away.  that is the day to reflect on the year past and think about all of the cool things we can all do to invent 2009 the greenest year ever?  Check out these eco-resolutions from greenies all by the country:

My Eco-Resolution(s) for 2009 are to shop local and in season at my local farmers markets, to never use plastic bags, NEVER use Styrofoam cups, and try my hardest to use less paper! In that business it’s hard… but I’m going to do it!

Kristen Coppa, Corona del Mar, Ca

“I do resolve to always fill (with tap water; mine is Brita filtered) and carry my reusable bottle with me whenever I travel, and never buy another bottled water unless absolutely essential!”

Fern Edison, Saugerties, New York

This is the first year I am making eco-resolutions, and here they are:

  1. Begin using the rain barrel I was given that year for my birthday
  2. Start a compost pile
  3. Never, ever bring another plastic shopping bag into my home
  4. Find innovative ways to reuse items as much as possible
  5. Switch by to using CFL bulbs all through my house
  6. Buy only what is absolutely necessary
Cynthia Greenwood, Arlington Heights, IL

No animal analyzing is urgent, but I’m going to start reading the labels to understand where the ingredients come from, and I mean to try and cut out petrochemicals from things we apply to our bodies. I have aromatherapy books and fundamental oils and mean to assemble what I can when I can to know the wholesomeness of the ingredients. that may be rigid - I’ll have to do some digging on the World Wide Web - but it’s my resolution for 2009.”
–Linda Lowen, About.com Guide to Women’s Issues

In 2009 I plan to start a larger garden with my son in the early spring and grow quite a bit more of our food.  that past year, we had a planter garden on our deck and grew summer squash, tomatoes and mint.  Next summer we plan to add beans and lettuce and cucumbers, plus lots more herbs and possibly some garlic, plus more squash and varieties of tomatoes.  We might even put in a new fruit tree to compliment our figs and plums.  We hope to eat lots of our own fruit, plus share it with family friends and those in need, not to mention canning some nice sauce and salsa for next winter.”
–Michelle Samuels, Mill Valley, CA

“I am a mom of two kids under 3.  My big resolution for 2009 is to
completely stop using disposable diapers AND wipes.”

Emily Carlton, faraway Beach, CA

The Wilkerson family’s 2009 goal is to reduce our carbon footprint / energy use by 10%.  We will complete our study by 12/22.  We will plant scrubs to off-set our carbon use.”

John & Natalie Wilkerson, Atlanta, GA

“Every year I form the same resolution: Throw out half of what I own and spend more day with my friends.”

Laurie Nadel, New York, NY

My daughter and I are already eating as organically and as locally as possible;  in 2009 we plan to start gardening (in planters, considering we live in an apartment with a tiny patio but no yard).”

–Valerie Voigt, Palo Alto, CA

My kids are gonna become Peaceful Warriors and following page 8 of that book!  They are additionally switching to soya milk and rice dream, and campaigning their school to stop issuing white cotton t-shirts (too much dye needed to get that sparkly white look).

–Jacqueline Koya, Manhatten ,NY

I’m reducing my footprint by eating not just organically but additionally more locally. I get most of my groceries, produce, dry goods, meat, dairy, chicken, eggs, and fish delivered to my home from a company called SPUD. www.spud.com. I can see on their website how far my food travels to get to my door. I can read about the distributors and compose my choices from home while I’m shopping. The company delivers it to me using the most efficient routes possible, which means I’m not wasting a car trip. It’s saves me instance and I feel good about it.”

–Debra Joy, Santa Monica, CA

“My wife (reluctantly) and I decided to get a little crazy for 2009, although we got a head start by a few weeks. I recently purchased two pounds of worms and in the past week have started a vermicompost bin in one of our bathroom closets.”

Joe Mecca, Raleigh, NC

I’m actually making the resolution to use reusable grocery bags next year. I have some in my trunk that I got for free by the year from different places, but now I’m going to actually use them. I even plan to do a blog entry about the experience in January and hope to energize others.”

Tara Settembre, Los Angeles, CA

So what’s your eco-resolution for 2009?

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  1. Christy on January 1st, 2009 1:45 pm

    I vow to not use another plastic baggie! With kids and packing endless snacks and lunches it can be a challenge, but I have invested in reusable products that make this process easier on me and the planet. Kids Konserve’s Lunch Kit and containers makes it so much easier to go waste-free! Here’s to a greener year! Happy New Year!

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