Wednesday #Cinchspiration, #GoGreenGoFit Weigh In: Week Four

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Yeah, um.  Ok.  Let me just go ahead and come clean.  I cheated big date that week.  My excuse: extreme sleep-deprivation.

Last week started off so well.  I led 3 days of our local girl scout camp and each day I got up at 5:00am, worked until 6:30, next worked out until 7:30 so that I could spend the rest of the day leading little girls on hikes, playing foolish games, and splashing in our local lake.  I was feeling pretty darned proud of myself for sticking to my Cinch eating plan and my Go Green Get Fit workout plan every day of the camp.

But soon after, on the last day of camp, when I was already pretty pooped from the previous three days, one of my dogs got sick.  Out both ends sick.  And he was up all night moaning, groaning, pacing, and occasionally making it outside with his disasters.  It’s amazing how badly sleep deprivation affects my desire to be healthy and fit.  For the three and a half weeks leading up to that night, I was feeling proud and happy of my new healthy lifestyle.  But the daylight after Otis had his (first) rough night, I found that I could care less about eating well, working out, or staying healthy.

I turned to my Cinchspiration teammates for advice and SlapDashMom, had the great concept to get off my duff and go out for a walk.  I did and it totally helped, staving off my cravings until around lunchtime.  That’s when I saw the tip from another Cincnspiration teamate, Mandee from Raising My 5 Sons to crank up the music and dance.  Another great notion and I’m happy to say that these two ladies saved me that day.

But the next day, after my doggie had another rough night, I was beyond saving.  I slipped a little and had tons of additional snack foods all through the day followed by a pretty big dinner

before I sacked out for the night.  I won’t drag that story on any longer, but suffice to say that after four nights without sleep and cleaning up after now TWO sick dogs, there was a lot of Ben & Jerry’s, Cokes, and mexican food mandatory to get me through the day.

Now the good news.  All of that came to a screeching halt yesterday when whatever my dogs got into finally worked its way out of their systems and I had my first undisturbed night’s sleep in five days (if you are a new parent, I know that sounds pathetic but trust me, once those baby days are by, it’s hard to go back to the no-sleep thing.)

Yesterday, I went running for the first instance in a week, and today I took my bike out for a spin and topped that off with a run.  I’m following my Cinch plan again and feeling great.

So, how do the numbers reflect my disastrous week?  It’s not too poor actually, considering how many days I was off-plan.  I think it helped that my slip-ups were little at first and I only really pigged out for a day (or perhaps two.)

Here’s the verdict:

Numbers are recorded: Current/Last Week/Start


Week Four Results

Weight 125/124/130

Bust: 34/34/36

Hips: 33/34/37

Waist: 32/32 /34.5

Arms 10.5/11.0 /11.5


So I gained a pound but lost an inch off of my arms.  Maybe from all of that floor scrubbing!  I’m disappointed in myself for losing ground but it just makes me all that much more determined to get back on track.  I’m glad to be back in business and hope to see some much better numbers next week.

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