Waste-Free Wednesday

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Waste-Free Wednesday

It’s Waste-Free Wednesday again…and today I’m issuing a crafter’s challenge.

To be honest, I’m not really very talented when it comes to crafts. But my kids are, so I construct certain to keep them stocked with craft supplies that come directly from our recycling bin. Every so often, I set out a few recyclables, like an empty milk jug, a piece of cardboard, and an egg carton, and I just sit back to watch what my kids come up with.

When they need a little inspiration, I check out sites like Resourceful Schools or Recycle Works for ideas.  When I want to get crafty, I look for fun, off-the-wall ideas, like a recycled denim rug or a handbag crocheted with VHS tape.

So what is your favorite recycled craft concept? Jot down

the details in the comments, or feel free to post a picture by at the Green Parents forum.  Don’t forget to check out these awesome waste-free urls from around the green blog-o-sphere.  And please feel free to add your own link in the Mr. Linky box at the bottom.

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