Waste-Free Wednesday: The Birthday Party Edition

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My youngest daughter turns 3 today, so in honor of her special day, I’d like to dedicate that Waste-Free Wednesday to learning how to throw a green and waste-free birthday party.  Here’s how its done:

: Save money and resources by sending invites via newsletter or text letter. whether you need to send an invitation by snail mail, compose certain it is printed on recycled paper.

: Skip the paper and plastic and decorate with natural items from your own backyard such as plants, flowers, leaves, and pine cones. Pick up reusable decorations such as pillows, scarves, and other fabrics. whether your child just loves balloons, don’t deprive him, but manufacture those balloons work hard to earn their place at the party. Use them as decorations and as parting gifts for friends (just manufacture certain at least one stays home for the guest of honor).

Party Supplies:
whether possible, use reusable dishes, utensils, and cloth napkins. whether you do need to use paper products, seek out those with the highest recycled paper substance or compostable utensils.

Rent or borrow items that you won’t need more than once, like large punch bowls, chaffing dishes, or insulated beverage containers.

Gift Bags:
Replace the bags of gift junk with eco-friendly gifts such as consumables (cookies or lollipops are always a hit for kids, or try plants or flowers for adults), tickets (sporting events, movies, museums), or reusables (picture frames or art supplies).

Avoid waste by thinking conservatively when planning the quantity of food to serve guests. You will save a bundle of instance and money in food preparation and cleanup. Be certain to donate any additional non-perishable items to your local food shelter.

Set up recycling areas near your trash cans so that guests can easily recycle cans, paper, and glass.

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One Response to “Waste-Free Wednesday: The Birthday Party Edition”

  1. Hope on February 22nd, 2009 4:19 am

    Hi Jenn,

    Wonderful idea. I am going to do same for my nephew’s birthday next week.

    I also support ‘Go Green Movement’

    I’ll log in again to check your newer posts.


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