Theme week: Oh the places you’ll go! Craigslist rideshare

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Every week we pick a theme to explore in more depth, and that week that theme is green community. To read all our posts related to that theme, go here.

Summer is fast approaching and wanderlust descends on the masses. Instead of checking for cheap flights out of town, why not peruse the community section of you local craigslist site? Within that table, go on “rideshare” and check out where your neighbors are headed.

The romance of hitting the open road with only a few belongings at the mercy of the elements and your companion is an American phenomenon and has become a lot more appealing as gas prices continue to rise. A quick perusal of craiglist reveals public looking to tag along on a trip or those looking for company. The rideshares vary from cross country treks to just

a few towns by.
Here are a few tips to help your trip go smoothly:

  • Meet up ahead of moment to go by your route so there will be no misunderstandings.
  • Discuss how much driving the parties will be expected to do and how gas and lodging expenses will be shared.
  • Don’t hog the radio.
  • Go by rules for your vehicle (no smoking, no break dancing, etc.)
  • Get a work number for the person that you will be traveling with for a reference.
  • If you are getting a ride, be certain to ask about the condition of the car and whether it has proper insurance.
  • If you need to cancel, tell the driver/passenger. No one likes to be stood up.

Happy trails!


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