The Suit That Lowers Your Heating Bill - Selk Bag

March 12, 2009 · Print This Article

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When it comes to maximizing your home’s efficiency in the winter, most tipsters will tell you to buy a wood pellet stove, or beef up your insulation. Not me, I say sacrifice any sense of personal style or fashion and put on a jumpsuit made out of sleeping bags. The Selk Bag pretty much eliminates the need for a heater (think of all the energy we could save) and possibly a comforter.

A few months ago, everyone was piling on the Snuggie bandwagon for being possibly the most annoyingly marketed — yet strangely alluring — way to keep warm without cranking up the thermostat. Well Snuggie, consider yourself out-snuggled, considering there’s nothing quite as comfortable as

a good sleeping bag. As of yet, there’s no annoying infomercial touting the home heating benefits of the Lippi Selk Bag, but I’m kinda hoping that there will be. It’s even got reinforced booties. Spring is supposedly right around the corner, but there’s still instance to enjoy the energy saving benefits of the Selk Bag.

Gallery: Ditch the Heater with a Selk’ Bag

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