Ten Year Old Eco Rapper Says “Mother Nature’s Crying”

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Lil Peppi

Cardell Hopkins thinks of himself as an “average American kid.” The ten-year old Floridian loves basketball, reading, making music, Wii, skateboarding, and hanging out with his friends. But that young kid has recently become an Web sensation with his eco-rapping songs and videos like “Mother Nature’s Crying,” and “Melting Ice.”

Cardell, or Lil Peppi as he’s known to his fans, became concerned about the planet after learning about global warming at school and watching the movie Happy Feet.  When his father showed him that famous 1970s “Keep America Beautiful,” commercial (you know, the one with the crying Indian,) Lil Peppi decided he wanted to do his part to clean up the planet. With the help of his dad, he wrote “Mother Nature’s Crying,” and recorded a YouTube video to go with it.

Here’s an excerpt from the song:

“What’s going on in that world that we

live in,
Too much taking and not decent giving
Mother nature keeps on crying,
She’s kind of sad cause the planet keeps dying
I’m telling ya… whether I were the king of the world,
I would form a better place for the boys and girls
I would clean up, all of the pollution
If we work together we can find the solution”

In Lil Peppi’s latest eco-rap, “Melting Ice,” he asks everyone to do their part to find a solution.  Check out the video:

Find out more about Lil Peppi at his website: www.lilpeppi.com.

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