Ten things you didn’t know you could compost

August 30, 2008 · Print This Article

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The concept of beginning to compost can be daunting. Still, it’s extremely vital to the planet, and there are plenty of guides out there that can be extremely helpful.

Food makes up an incredible amount of your personal waste. From the produce you didn’t eat before it spoiled to the leftovers you couldn’t finish, much of that food could be composted instead of trashed. In fact, the average household wastes about a quarter of the produce bought, translating to about $500 per year.

Yale University recently implemented a composting program considering a whopping two tons of food waste was hauled away every day from their cafeteria alone.

Not only does composting allow it to break down faster, but it gives the food another purpose. Compost is

an amazing way to fertilize your own garden, which can save you money on groceries, increase the value of your property, improve your mood and health with the hobby and the sunlight, and more.

Don’t have a garden? Pack the finished product into biodegradable bags and give them as gifts to your gardening buddies.

In fact, you cut down on money spent on rubbish bags and rubbish removal fees, the amount of plastic going into landfills, and money spent to fertilize your plants.

Here are ten things that I bet you didn’t know you could compost!

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