Talking to Your Kids About Global Warming

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Have you had “the talk” with your kids yet?

No, not that talk (whew!)

The other talk…about global warming.

Unless they have absolutely no contact with the outside world, it’s likely that your kids have heard about global warming by now.  Not only is it a frequent topic on the news and in adult conversations, but it is plus a common theme in the music, movies, and video games geared toward kids.  So there’s no point ignoring it.  whether your kids are concerned about global warming, perhaps it’s day you had “the talk.”  Here are some tips to get you started.

You Know Your Kid.

There are lots of different ways that you can approach the topic of global warming.  But when it comes down to it, you know your child better than anyone else.  whether your child gets frightened easily, thereupon take fear off the table by focusing on all of the efforts that public around the world are making to prevent the problem.  whether she’s a budding scientist, like my eldest is, explain the issue from a scientific perspective, “Human activities like driving create gases that are trapped in the atmosphere and manufacture the planet warmer.  We need to walk (or ride, or take public transport) whenever possible to keep those gases at a minimum.” The bottom line is that you should keep the conversation age and personality appropriate for your child.  

Focus On Solutions.

Keep the conversation positive by focusing on the worldwide efforts that are underway to halt global warming.  whether your child is afraid, acknowledge those fears, but assemble certain he understands that lots

of society are working hard to solve the problem.  supply opportunities for your child to become part of those solutions at home.

Give Them The capability.

Talk to your kids about all of the things that they can do to prevent global warming.  Riding their bikes, planting trees, recycling, buying less stuff…these are all efforts that your child can manufacture to reduce her impact on the environment.  whether she’s concerned about global warming, be certain she knows she has the ability to stop it.


When it comes to talking about global warming, let your kids guide the conversation and be certain that you listen to what they have to say. Don’t overload your child with details whether he just has a passing interest in the subject.  Even whether your passionate about the subject, just give him decent info to pique his curiosity and know that he’ll probably ask more questions at another date.  whether he asks questions…reply them.  And whether you need to, brush up on the answers to kids questions about global warming or give yourself a climate change primer at Climate Classroom to form certain you’ve got your info straight.

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