Something besides recycling for glass jars

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Usually, when a jar is emptied at my house, we rinse it out and chuck it into the recycling bin. Sometimes, it is refilled (soy sauce bottle) or re-purposed (balsamic vinegar bottle for olive oil).

I have recently saved a few small artichoke heart bottles for holding small craft supplies like eyelets and brads. I have a big bag of baby food jars I ended up with somehow that I am not certain how to use, but I am considering making homemade snow globes for Christmas.

The folks by at ReNest have posted 10 uses for spaghetti sauce jars, some of which were kind of surprising. I have definitely used old jars for storing change, nuts and bolts and other random things and I have used clean canning jars for pantry storage.

I hadn’t thought of it

for toting oatmeal to work - I always used my coffee cup when I got there. And many citizens in the comments talked about a daylight coffee jar. I’m pretty happy with my travel coffee mug but, a coffee jar would solve the problem of mornings when I took two cups to work.

In searching for a good photo, one flickr user showed jars painted black to be used as a solar cooker. That definitely bears more study.

What do you use old jars for? Share in the comments and let’s see what kind of ideas we can come up with.

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