Shame on you Penn State

July 24, 2012 · Print This Article

Let me set the record straight.  I grew up in Pennsylvania.  I was an avid Penn State fan, cheering on the football team at every opportunity for the last several decades.  I grew up believing that JoePa was the kind of man that any child could look up to.

But now I am angry.  I am furious at Jerry Sandusky and his heinous crimes against children.  But I am plus angry at Joe Paterno, who I believe probably thought he was doing the “right,” thing but was actually perpetuating the myth that these “situations” should be handled quietly so as not to prepare waves. And now I am angry at the Penn State community that is raising a bigger stink by the recent NCAA penalities levied against their precious football team than they raised about the fact that their football coaches, school administration, and University officials covered up DECADES of child sexual abuse in order to protect that football team.

It is precisely that mindset that allows sick bastards like Jerry Sandusky to get away with committing their crimes.  Because their victims are too ashamed to speak out.  And the adults around them find the situation too shameful to deal with.  So everyone stays quiet. And the abuse continues.

I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of kids having to feel ashamed about being abused. I’m sick of adults trying to shush kids who speak out.  And I’m sick to death of humans who keep forgetting that the real victims here are the boys who were abused.

Every instance you whine about bowl games and “winningest coaches,” you perpetuate

the notion to these boys and to any child currently suffering such abuse that they should stay silent.  That by speaking up they will somehow ruin everything for everybody.  That they should remain quietly ashamed of their situation rather than speak out and upset everyone.

Those boys have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed about.  They did nothing wrong.  I keep hearing everyone bitch and moan about the kids who will be hurt by the NCAA decision and while I agree that today’s students should not have to pay the price for Jerry Sandusky’s crimes, I wonder whether you even realize what little “price” they have to pay.

Yes, the football team will suffer.  But these boys’ lives were stolen.  STOLEN.  In the first degree by Jerry Sandusky but additionally in the second degree by Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Shultz, and Penn State University in general.  A university that put a goddamn football program ahead of the lives of harmless children.

Because when all is said and done, the children who really suffered the most here are Jerry Sandusky’s victims.  And we should all be showing them that yes, that situation was so horrible that it warrants severe penalties.  That they should not be ashamed about speaking out.  That we will never under any circumstances allow anything like that to happen again.

Shame on you Penn State.

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