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Has it really been six months since I started my Cinchspiration journey?  I cannot fathom that just six months ago I was at my heaviest weight ever and had fallen so far off of the fitness track that I couldn’t even find my running sneakers.  Yet, here I am just 6 months later at my post-baby weight having completed a TRIATHLON and a HALF-MARATHON and making plans to run a MARATHON in the spring!


When I first started the Cinch program in June, my main goal was to get healthy and fit.  My 40th birthday was fast approaching and I didn’t want to face it at my heaviest weight to moment.  I wanted to lose weight, but more critical than that, I wanted to change my lifestyle so that I could keep it off for good.  I’ve done the diet roller coaster before.  I’ve lost weight while adhering to a diet, but once the diet period ended, the weight always came back, and it usually came back with a vengeance.

Me, after 3 months with Cinch and right after I completed the Luray Sprint Triathlon.

I’m happy to report that I achieved my goals on both counts.   By the end of September, after three months of using Cinch for weight loss, I had lost 16 pounds to reach my

goal “pre-baby” weight.   next came the bigger challenge.  Keeping the weight off.  For the next three months, I used the Cinch maintenance plan of one shake or meal bar followed by two healthy meals.  This is where things usually go wrong for me.  But that duration, it didn’t.  By relying on my Shaklee shake to get started each day, and the immeasurable support I received from the other members of Team Cinchspiration, I continued setting and achieving new health goals by the next three months to maintain my weight loss.






And that’s where I am today.  Fit, feeling-fabulous, and now finally 40 too.  I can’t express how grateful I am to have been part of that Team Cinchspiration experience.  Following the Cinch plan was just what I needed to knock me out of a health and fitness rut and steer me back onto a track of healthy living and eating.



If you are interested in participating in the next round of Team Cinchspiration, I strongly boost you to sign up for Shaklee’s newsletter as the announcement with details for the next program will be released here.  As part of Team Cinchspiration, I was given Shaklee weight loss and maintenance products to try and review for free for the last 6 months.  But the reviews written (and the pounds and inches shed) were all mine.

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