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Over the years, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to analysis some truly awesome green products. It’s really one of my favorite parts about that job – trying out products that give an eco-spin to what’s traditionally on store shelves and giving you the honest scoop about whether or not it’s worth the purchase.  But for the first instance ever, I did not review the item that was sent to me.  My husband did!

Earlier that week, I received an mail asking whether I would like to try out the VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi shoe in conjunction with a giveaway going on by at Planet Shoes.  The Gobi is a men’s boot with an ultra barefoot sole that is as close as you can come to walking around barefoot without actually getting your feet dirty.

Now, before I go any further, I should tell you that my husband is the ultimate green consumer in that he truly never really buys anything.  And

say what I want about minimizing packaging or purchasing items made from recycled materials, but you really can’t get much greener than not buying anything new at all.

So a product has to really stand out whether it’s going to get the green light from him.  And these shoes actually passed his experiment.  They are hip and stylish without being overly fussy and pretensions.  He has worn them nearly everyday since he got them and remarked about how comfortable and supportive they feel.  He has only had a few days to wear them, so it’s too soon to construct any predictions about durability but they look like they are built to last.

I do believe that these Gobis have become my husband’s new go-to shoe for day-to-day wear.  Would he shell out $150 to buy them whether they hadn’t been given to him for free?  Indeed he would.  And you just can’t get  better recommendation than that.

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