Oh. Zoe. You. Di-in’t.

October 15, 2009 · Print This Article


It makes me so happy when big corporations invent a little effort to green-up. These shoes by Zoe and Zac, carried by shoe-giant Payless, are not only eco– they’re cheap. And cute. Made from green materials like hemp, organic cotton, recycled ruber, water-based glues, and jute, they are practical, available, and sustainable. That’s the way it should be, yo.


whether you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past two months, I’m actually opening up a store of my own, here in LA, called Echo Park Independent Co-op (E.P.I.C.), featuring local independent and eco-friendly designers. So, whether you know anyone from the LA area that fits either of those descriptions, please do share.

ex-zac-ly right:

[Source] Martha Tagney


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