NYC Weekend! Meter Reading: 89415

March 8, 2011 · Print This Article

Here’s the good news: I went to New York City that weekend with two other mom friends for a little R&R and city fun.  It was great to get a break and visit such a cool city.  It’s been 15 years and 2 kids since I’ve been to the Big Apple so it was fun to go back and see things both familiar and new.  And the food, oh, I won’t even go into how awesome the food was (or how much of it I ate!)


The poor news?  I was away from my family, which is always bittersweet.  And that made keeping track of the kWh usage at home a  little difficult.  I debated postponing my energy conserving month for another date, considering I knew that trip would fall right at the beginning of it.  But I reconsidered when I realized that that precisely what green parenting comes down to – helping our families go green when we’re there and when we’re not.


So even though I wouldn’t be home to tell my girls to turn off the lights, I trusted that they would remember to do so.  And while my husband doesn’t always strive to be green, he is frugal and practical, so I knew I wouldn’t have to distress about him cranking up the heat or leaving the fridge door opened.

As it turns out, I was right to trust my family.  The energy usage for the last 5 days from Fri-Tues was 182 kWh which breaks down to 36.4 kWh per day.  It’s not the miserly 29 kWh from Thursday, but it’s plus not the 43 kWh from the day before.  It’s actually right smack in within the two.  And that’s pretty good considering the eco watchdog (aka “MOM”) wasn’t there to crack the whip.

Maybe my kids do listen when I talk?  HaHa!  Or is that just wishful thinking???


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