Lifetime Value: Le Creuset Cookware Sets

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When we think of what makes a product green, typically we are looking for reycycled substance, sustainable biodegradable materials, or products that are handmade and Fair Trade. I definitely agree that those qualities are ones to look for in green products. But we additionally have to consider how distant a product will last in assessing its “green-ness”. Will it have to be replaced in a few years? Will it last a lifetime?

As cookware goes, its hard to get any greener than cast iron, and its hard to get any more stylish than Le Creuset.  Their colorful cast iron pots and pans are built to last a lifetime, literally. As such, it won’t come cheap. I distinctly remember my very first instance at a LeCreuset store. It was early in my marriage when money was tight. My husband and I ventured into the LC store at a nearby

outlet mall. We fell in love with their pieces, but all we could afford was a kettle. It was the best kettle I’ve ever bought and set me up as a Le Creuset fan for life.

The 6-piece set shown above includes a 5.5-quart round French oven, a 2.25-quart saucier pan, a 10.25″ square skillet grill and an 8″ x 11.75″ roaster — a perfect set for a green cook’s kitchen. Even whether you can afford only one piece, Le Creuset cookware is of such great quality that its likely you’ll be able to pass it down to your children.

Why It’s Green:

  • Cast iron is recyclable and can last forever with proper care

Price: $319.99-494.99 (aff)

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