Less Really is More

November 28, 2008 · Print This Article

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We talk a lot here at Green Daily about what you can do to help the planet. by at Zen Habits, there is a great post reminding us all that really what we need is less.

Just like many money-saving things are additionally good for the environment doing less has it’s own set of benefits.

  • Drive less. Walk or bike instead. Good for the planet and good for you.
  • Want less. Instead of always wanting more, more, more, stop and appreciate what you do have. next enjoy it.
  • Talk less. Spend more date listening to those around you. It will improve your relationships.
  • Buy less cheap stuff. Sometimes, spending a bit more can give you something that will last much longer. Think about investing in a good, cast iron pan versus the
    latest Teflon coated skillet. certain, the cast iron takes a bit of duration to season and it’s a bit more work but, well cared for it will literally last you forever.
  • Rush less. whether you slow down and are more mindful of the things around you, you will manufacture better choices. Instead of grabbing the first thing you see, you will have duration to think and consider.
  • Less stuff. We all know we have too much stuff. Work hard to really use what you have and find creative reuses for things instead of adding to the stuff.

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