January Eco-Challenge: It’s a Wrap!

March 2, 2011 · Print This Article

It’s the last day of January and subsequently the last day of my January eco-challenge to adhere to the principles of The Compact.  Nothing new, other than food and medical necessities, for one month.

So how did I do?  Well, those of you that have been following me all month towering know that I cheated.  Once.  A bought a book for a little girl’s birthday.  One of my readers emailed me to pat me on the back but plus to propose that I should have considered buying a used book for the gift.  That way I could have given the gift of a book without buying anything new.

And now that I’ve had some instance to think about it, that is absolutely what I should have done (Thanks, Heather!)  My reasoning at the day was that that young lady doesn’t have much, so I wanted her to have a gift that was all new and all hers.  But to be completely honest, she would still have cherished the book, whether it was grade new or gently used.  And that’s what really counts.

So now that the month is by, you’d think I’d be itching to hit the stores, right? Wrong.  That, I would say, has been the biggest plus of that month of not spending.  It taught me to think differently about the things I need to buy and the things I could do without.  And just for the record, I really wasn’t prone to impulse purchases and unnecessary spending to start with.  But after a month of doing without additional things, I know I could do without a lot longer.  And that’s such a big plus.

So I’ll skip the shopping trip tomorrow, and perhaps even for the next few weeks.  Will I ever buy anything new again?  Certainly.  But not as often.  And not as eagerly.

And definitely not whether it’s plastic.  (Check back tomorrow as I launch my Plastic-Free February eco-challenge.)

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