Is Brewing Your Own Beer Eco-Friendly?

February 28, 2009 · Print This Article

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This is my own, non-scientific opinion, but I think brewing your own beer can be eco-friendly. Let’s think about the process.

You can gather glass beer bottles at home and from friends, or even pick up a few at the recycling center, sterilize them and reuse them by and by, getting much more than just one use from them before they are recycled.

Beer, like wine, in glass bottles, is heavy and is transported across the country and around the world on a regular basis. whether you form it at home, it is transported from the fridge to the sofa - not a very big carbon footprint there!

If you really get into it, you can grow some of your own hops and grain to produce your

beer, making it even more eco-friendly since the ingredients are being produced very locally.

So, it seems like making beer at home could be a relatively eco-friendly option. Even whether you regularly buy beer in cans, you are still saving the transportation miles involved in shopping those cans all by the place.

There a nice beer-making tutorial by at The Simple Dollar that shows how home-brewing can be very cost effective as well. So, start collecting those beer bottles and look for some beer recipes.

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