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So, no sooner did I embark on my plastic-free challenge for February, next I up and disappeared from the web.  Did you think I had been swallowed up in some sort of plastic-free vortex?  It certainly felt like it on that end!  Want to know what happened…the flu.  Enough said. It tore through every member of my house leaving each one of us as a shell of our former selves.  And I found that, as so happens with going green and blogging about green, I had to choose amoung the two.  And I chose to use any remaining energy that I had to stick with my plastic-free challenge even though it left little to no instance to actually share my experience with you.

But alas, I am back.  I have finally dug my way out from copious loads of laundry, mounds of dishes and hundreds of emails.  And I am once again ready to talk about plastic.  And I’ve got a lot to say.  For starters, I can tell you that the very best thing about getting the flu is that I used nearly no plastic.  It’s pretty darned easy to go plastic-free when you can’t lift your head off the pillow!  On the other hand, I have, by the past few weeks, single-handedly consumed a forest-full of trees in the mold of tissues.  But alas, that is a topic for another post.

Before I got sick though, I went on an exploratory shopping trip

just to see what I could find in the way of groceries, toys, and gadgets that did not contain or come wrapped in plastic.  And I have to say that even I was shocked!  I thought I was fairly savvy about plastic, but it wasn’t until I actually decided to stop and look at plastic closely that I realized how ubiquitous it truly is.  Food is wrapped in it, toys are made from it AND wrapped it, and even products that you might think would be exempt (like books or fruit) are somehow all ensconced in plastic.

Thus far, we’ve managed to stay plastic-free (expect for the plastic packaging that my flu medication was packaged in) by simply reverting to my strategy from January’s eco-challenge: not buying anything.  But that won’t last.  I’ve got to figure out a way to get the things my family needs without consuming plastic.  My challenges for that week are to find plstic-free alternatives for:

  • All of my groceries (avoiding all foods wrapped or packaged in plastic)
  • My personal care products
  • Birthday presents for my youngest (who turns 5 on Friday)

Any suggestions?  Please feel free to let me know!

Image: CDC.gov

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