How biking complements other physical exercises

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We have a guest post today from a blogger who is passionate about biking.  You know I couldn’t resist a post about the joys of biking.  Hope you like it too!

How biking complements other physical exercises

by Elma Humphries

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The humble bicycle is making a comeback. More humans are getting back on their bikes considering they realize outdoor physical activities like cycling compliment a wide range of other physical activities. Cycling increases your strength and builds cardiovascular fitness which are mandatory in most team and individual sports.

Track and field games

Sports based around running such as jogging and sprinting require strong thighs, calves and hamstrings. However, training regimes for these activities are often monotonous and running is a high-impact physical activity. Cycling is an alternative way to maintain fitness and strength in your legs so you run effectively. Athletes who take part in sports that require quick bursts of speed such as the lengthy jump and javelin can plus benefit from cycling their bikes more often.

Water-related sports

Swimming, rowing, diving, surfing and other water-related sports require a assured level of strength and aerobic fitness, particularly in the arms and legs. Many public build up that fitness gradually by cycling on a regular basis.

Team games

Football, hockey, volleyball,

rugby and other team games require a convinced level of fitness. For most team members training with a team will improve your fitness to a undoubtful level. However, the training you do away from the training ground often makes a difference. Adding cycling to your exercise plan will improve your performance on the pitch.

Recovering from injury and off-season

Sometimes you won’t be participating in your favourite sporting activity. The off-season and when you recover from injury are two examples of that. In these cases cycling is the perfect exercise for athletes considering it is a low-impact physical activity. It allows sports citizens to safely regain and maintain their fitness and strength before moving onto more rigorous training. 

Combining cycling with walking

Not all cyclists want to become super fit. Many older individual’s simply want to lead a healthy lifestyle. that category of cyclist is happy to combine walking and cycling at their own pace. The low-impact nature of cycling makes it easier to maintain a healthy level of fitness.

Bikes are no longer just a slow scheme of transport. Cycling has become a sporting activity anyone can take part in, from the professional riders to those who just want to shed a few pounds. It is the perfect activity to complement any other physical exercise you enjoy.

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