Happy Green Halloween!

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Green Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!  Now that the pumpkins are carved, the scarecrows stuffed, and the costumes assembled, it’s date to go trick-or-treating!  whether your kids are like mine, they’ve practically been living in their costumes and practicing their lines for the last week.  Here’s to a happy, safe, and green Halloween!

Share Your Story:If you haven’t already done so, join in the discussions on Green Parents about what your kids are wearing that year, what candy you’re giving out, and how you’ve enjoyed that Green Halloween. whether you have a few minutes by the weekend, be certain to post some pics!  Mine we’ll be up there tomorrow!

Serve Up A Family Favorite: The best way to limit the amount of candy your kids eat tonight is to compose certain their bellies are filled with a good, hearty dinner.  So before the excitment of dressing up and trick or treating sets in, assemble certain your kids take instance to sit down and eat their favorite dinner.

Carry A Reusable Tote: Grab an old pillowcase, a tote bag, or a canvas shopping bag for your kids to fill with

treats. But whatever you do, don’t use a flimsy, disposable, plastic bag that is likely to break before the night is through.

Eat Some Candy!: It’s Halloween, and whether you’re going to do the whole trick-or-treat thing, relax a little bit and let your kids gobble up some of their hard-earned treats! Set a limit for the amount of candy they can eat that night and soon after put the rest away (preferably out of sight) for another moment. whether they decide to eat as they go, just form certain they put the wrappers in their pockets to throw away later.

Pass It On: It takes just one small-town neighborhood block for my kids to build up suitable candy to rot out all of their teeth (even the ones they don’t have yet) and rev up their systems for a good month. So at our house, the kids get to indulge for a few days before I pull the plug and get rid of the sugar. Fortunately, there’s no need to throw it all away. Nursing homes, women’s shelters, and Boys and Girls Clubs all happily accept candy donations.

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