Green Eggs and Spam?

May 30, 2008 · Print This Article

If you’ve got an e mail address, you’ve more than likely been hit by spam. On an average day, my spam filter catches everything from phony PayPal sites that need to “verify” my password to requests from Nigerian oil ministers that are offering outrageous sums of money to help them embezzle cash out of their country. Each and every one of them are scams meant to defraud harmless humans of their hard earned dollars. And now, unfortunately, the spammers have gone green. In a story reported by a New York Times blogger, the first renewable energy newsletter scams have hit the

web. It goes something like that…

“Everyday, every month, every years, and infinite, every climate change and that RETS is always a stable energy. that we can control the working of it and 100 percent for save and protection in our planet. Now, the RETS have no patent for them, it is waiting you in that patent. We wish to protect the input and benefits together with you.”

I guess it’s true that green has finally hit the mainstream!

If you really want to support renewable energy, stick with a recognized certified organizations like Green-e.

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