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October 23, 2008 · Print This Article

Last week I attended a blogging conference where I caught up on all of the latest ideas and gadgets for blogging and teamed up with a bunch of great green bloggers. One of the most urgent things I learned at the conference about my own green business is that…my business cards need a makeover. My old cards are focused solely on my first book and give little mention to my website, or the other two books that I have coming out next year (more to come on that, for certain!)

I usually opt for the e-version of a business card whenever possible, passing along my contact info via mail or twitter, but during conferences and green events where I meet hundreds of society by the course of a day, it’s pretty handy to have a physical card detailing my contact info.

So with my next event (the DC Green Festival) fast

approaching, I’m on a search for a green printing company that can manufacture some new cards for my business without trashing the planet in the process.  One company I like thus far is PSPrint. They recycle all of their paper waste, use soy based inks that emit fewer toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than petroleum inks and are therefore easier to recycle, they offer 100% recycled paper for business cards and most of their other products (like holiday cards and brochures), and they have printing facilities on both East and West coasts so I don’t have to distress about shipping my eco-savvy business cards across the country to my location.

I’d love to prepare out what others are doing about greening their business cards these days.  Got a picture of your card?  Let’s see it!  I’ll be certain to post mine as soon as it’s ready.

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