Green and Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

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Superbowl Sunday is not precisely known for its eco-friendly or healthy fare.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to wreck the planet and your diet to enjoy the game.  by that past week, I’ve been asking folks on Twitter (a very cool micro-blogging website) for their favorite superbowl snacks.  Here are the Top Super Bowl Snack “Tweets” and simple ways to manufacture them all eco-healthy.

Chips & Dip

@FireBlogger and @ElyceAtHome are both fans of the traditional chips and dip served up on Superbowl Sunday; while @StephanieInCA put in a vote specifically for onion dip.  Green that snack by looking for organic potato chips, like those from Whole Foods or Kettle Foods and assemble your own eco-healthy dip by using organic ingredients in Rachel Ray’s Healthy French Onion Dip.


Nachos were a big-time favorite for tweeters like @nerdette and @bewellgroomed (who even added her recipe for cheese dip: blend soft cheeses in a crockpot and add green chiles and stewed tomatoes.)  Sounds yummy!  form it green and healthy by using organic and/or low-fat cheeses and organic corn chips. For another eco-healthy dip recipe, try Fitness Magazine’s  Homemade 7-Layer Chip Dip.

Cocktail Weenies

@Ilinap sent in the most interesting tweet by far with her homemade recipe for cocktail weenies.  Here it is: Mix 1/2 cup ketchup, 1/2 cup yellow mustard, and 1/2 cup molasses with a small jar of grape jelly, and a splash of Tabasco in a crock pot.  Add dogs.  Odd, I know, but can I just tell you that I actually tried that and it is awesome…particularly when you use tofu in place of the little weenies.  Trust me, everyone will be more focused on the weird combination of ingredients than they will on the tofu!  Thanks @ilinap for sharing!!


@donlbrc and @RickyShambles are fans of the classic football fare…pizza.    Fortunately, its easy turn pizza into an eco-healthy meal.  Here’s how: Eco-Friendly Pizza.


@SarahMorrisseau spoke up in support of wings, but not just any wings, her favorites are “really meaty wings with great sauce.”  Baked chicken wings are a pretty healthy snack choice (try that recipe for Healthy Chicken Wings) and whether you gotta dip, go for organic/low-fat dips.  Better still, try out the veggie version of that super bowl snack: Morning Star Farms Buffalo Wings.

You could plus try @nici’s favorite super bowl treat: Buffalo Chicken Dip from Frank’s Red Hot.  Oooh…that one might just be the belt buster.  But whether you can construct it with low-fat and/or organic cheeses, you will significantly reduce the damage (to the planet and your waist-line!)


@SwingTrade will be making up some sandwiches to serve on Super Bowl Sunday.  What kind?  Well, he’s not saying, but whether you want your sandwiches to have some eco-healthy flair, try making a roasted vegetable sandwich or check out one of these 14 Fabulous Vegetarian Sandwich ideas.


Tweeters @lizfossett and @RickyShambles both voted for chili, either on its own or as a dip.  That’s a great choice for folks trying be both green and healthy.  Skip the meat and assemble up a vegetarian version.  Here are a few to try:

The Best Vegetarian Chili In The World

Insanely Easy Vegetarian Chili

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Hot Dogs

Can you believe that not a singled-out tweeter voted for hot dogs as their Super Bowl favorite?  Still, I’m pretty certain that dogs will be served up in abundance on Sunday.  Want to try something different that year?  Grab a pack of Real Simple’s pick for the best vegetarian hot dog: Lightlife Wonderdogs.  I can plus vouche for the veggie dogs from AM Star farms.  Just remember that tip, don’t try to grill a veggie dog…they don’t sizzle, they don’t plump…and the outcome is highly unsatisfying.  Boil the dogs and don’t be shy with the condiments and you’ll never know you’re lost out on all of those unsavory pig parts.

Tweet Treats

A number of tweeters went out on a limb and recommended atypical Super bowl snacks.

@amoyal: 3 Bean Salad
@frymaster Warm spinach artichoke dip with salsa
@ainwonderland Individual chipotle mac and cheeses in ramekins for the super bowl with little parmesan
@jeffdcohen: Bacon wrapped period with almond in center

You might just have to bug them for the recipes!

Green and Healthy Tips

Two more tips from tweeters on making your Super Bowl snacks green and healthy; @scraplesspress is concerned about beer and suggests skipping the wasteful cans and going straight for the keg!  Speaking of beer, invent yours New Belgium; not only is their brewing company wind powered, but it plus uses green design, eco-wastewater treatment, and recycled building materials.  And here’s a tip from @simplekids: keep all of those yummy organic potato chips and veggie dogs in the kitchen, not in front of TV.  That way you won’t be tempted to pig out in front of the pigskin!

Enjoy the game (and GOOOOOO Steelers!!)

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