Get Your Nixx Fix

July 20, 2009 · Print This Article


Made in Vancouver B.C., Nixxi’s line of organic and sustainable clothing is as elegant as it is under-stated. I always wanted to be that cool/calm/collected girl I’d see walking down the streets of New York, hanging out in art galleries, with the simple but tasteful pants on. I’m usually the one with the day-glo vintage beach pants and a poorly matched, ironic Nate Dogg t-shirt from the ’90s instead, but

I like to keep a few more restrained (some might say “classier”) pieces in my wardrobe for when my mind finally stops racing and I can see a steady light at the end of the crooked tunnel. My point? Oh, yeah, Nixxi clothes are as sustainable as they are elegant. They additionally have clothes for men, which is a rare eco-treat.


[Source] Martha Tagney


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