Floating solar panels for the ocean

May 26, 2009 · Print This Article

Conventional solar panels can only be installed on the surface of earth however the major part of the earth is covered by highways, buildings, forests etc. where installing panels is not feasible. The rise in the demand of energy and the lack of supply has always tempted researchers to look for ways to generate energy that by no means can be termed conventional. While, the surface of the Earth is not going to expand to allow the use of solar panels, researchers at SunEnergy are envisioning a new world where solar energy

is generated not on the surface of the Earth but on the surface of the oceans.

The company has developed a new type of floating solar panels known as Liquid Solar Panels Arrays that remain on the surface when climatic conditions are right to generate electricity. In case of a storm or poor weather, the panels simply submerge themselves under the water and drift again when the storm has passed. The panels are made using lightweight, readily available plastic using existing solar concentrator technologies.

[Source] DForce


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