Fight Shower Hogs with the Aqualim

March 31, 2009 · Print This Article

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For some of us, a shower is kinda like a magical instance warp that takes us to a land where the weathers warm and all our troubles just wash away down the drain. Unfortunately, along with your worries goes a ton of water — a resource that many are predicting will be more precious than gold in the coming years. To help us keep track of how towering we escape reality in the shower, inventor Trevor Murphy has developed the Aqualim.
When Trevor realized that his teenage daughter’s lengthy shower ritual was sending his water bill sky high, the inventive Aussie decided to develop a device that would help put an end to shower duration fun around the Murphy house once and for all.

The Aqualim requires no electrical parts and

can be easily installed on any existing shower, no need for a plumber. Using a hydraulically powered motor, that shower contraption allows you to regulate the volume of water used per shower.

As you reach the end of your limit, the flow reduces to a dribble, and thereupon cuts out. To reset the shower head, just close the tap for a few seconds. A device like that could definitely inspire you to find a more efficient shower head, particularly whether you like a nice distant shower in the wee hours.

[via Inhabitat]

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