Feral Childe is Fer Real

January 30, 2009 · Print This Article


Feral Childe is a Brooklyn based label that makes clothes from all sorts of materials, and even compose their own, crazy-looking buttons. All the production is kept close to home, so the carbon foot-print is small, and they use soy and organic cotton in some of their clothes, like these adorable pants. And Jute And Jackfruit has apparently commissioned strictly sustainable versions of their new 2009

line! How cool is that?

So, Feral Childe= indepedent clothing design team from Brooklyn. Feral children= wild street urchins that should be avoided at any cost as they might have rabies. Please do not confuse the two. I don’t want to see you wearing any rabid street urchins around as pants.





[Source] Martha Tagney


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