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Pretty much everything I’ve written about has been for girls, so whether you want to get her a bag or some eco-shoes, or a warm organic sweater, please check out my older blogs, or go to one of the great eco-friendly boutiques I have listed.


I say “fussy” considering whether they aren’t picky, find them whatever you got them last year, and re-wrap it– the ultimate in gift recycling. Or, whether they’re really not picky, a six-pack of Miller lite might do the trick. For those of us with more difficult men to shop for that season, I have compiled a list of eco-friendly possibilities.


Refinding makes watches out of recycled materials and found objects. The watches are frinkin’ awesome. Way better that the $3.99 blinged-out “watch” application I bought for my Sidekick so I would look cool to the other kids. My digital watch face pales in comparison to these real-life old school watches, (and it drains my battery.) My point? Watches have a place in that world, and recycled watches are about as eco-as it gets.

Would assemble a nifty present to a punctuality-challenged BF or dad.


Because even fancy public care about the environment.

And here’s a fun gift concept: Patagonia recycled-content bowling shoes coupled with a vintage bowling ball– something you can do together or something to get him to leave you alone for a few hours so you can go shopping or watch Gossip Girl.



Give the gift of not having piles of plastic bags under the sink (if you reuse them) or blowing around and strangling penguins (if you throw them away).

The best bags I’ve found:

flip and tumble
pretty green bag
the best bag



Who doesn’t want to find a pair of warm, adorable, eco-friendly socks in their stockings? Who? No, I’m seriously asking. I want to meet that person.


Jewelry is such a common gift at Christmas. By some weird marketing conspiracy, the pressure is always on that day of year, to get public gifts that probably caused somebody a great deal of pain and suffering elsewhere in the world (blood diamonds, cyanide pits for gold mining, slave labor, environmental destruction.) Who wants that hanging by them. or around their neck? whether you are going to fall prey to the man’s attmept to dictate what true love look slike, or whether you really do just want to buy someone nice jewelry, please be conscious tat the gift your giving isn’t really the gift of injustic and environmental waste.

These places use ethically-mined gemstones, recycled materials, and/or fair labor practices, in varying degrees of fanciness.

If you have suggestions, please feel free to post. Let’s all try to manufacture that the greenest Christmas EVER (TGCE)!

[Source] Martha Tagney


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