Disposable stuff costs more and hurts the planet

October 23, 2008 · Print This Article

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If you need more examples of how being green saves money, Trent, by at The Simple Dollar posted some more that week.

His theory? The less you throw away, the less you spend. It goes along with some of the examples I listed on Monday. Using kitchen towels and cloth napkins instead of paper towels and paper napkins. The initial purchase price of more kitchen towels or cloth napkins is certainly higher than buying disposable items but the cost can be factored out by the life of the item.

I can pay $2 - $3 each for a cloth napkin (or less at carport sales, thrift stores, or making my own) or $2 - $3 for a package of a few hundred napkins. The paper napkins are used once and thrown away. The cloth napkins are used once or twice

(or more depending on how messy you are and what you are eating) and soon after thrown in the washer being reused by and by again.

Buying real plates and silverware obviously costs more up front but again, those items can be reused by and by again with just a quick wash. My parents are still using silverware they received as a wedding present by 30 years ago. I’m guessing the per use price on that is pretty tiny at that point.

The only thing we haven’t given up yet that is mentioned on The Simple Dollar are Kleenex. Mostly considering I guess I hadn’t thought of it yet. It certainly is something to think about.

What is the one thing you’re still using that you know you could be making a better choice about?


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