#Cinchspiration Weigh In:Week 8 and a Giveaway!

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Not certain whether you caught my video from the other day or not, but remember that big, poor Luray Sprint Triathlon I’ve been stressing about all summer.  Well, I DID IT!  I really did!

Now, I know I’ve been a little weak about posting my numbers for the past few weeks, but {begin list of lame excuses} I was away on vacation for two of those weeks while additionally trying to get myself ready to swim 750 meters, bike 17 miles, and run 3.1 miles. {/end list}

I’ve been really happy with the 7 pounds I’ve lost thus far following the Shaklee Cinch program.  So for these last few weeks before the triathlon, I wanted focus less on the numbers and more on just improving and maintaining my overall fitness.  I still drank my Cinch shakes – I really love them as an after-workout protein/nutrition boost.  But I bumped my 1200-calorie diet up to maintenance levels so that I could stay fueled-up for my grueling workouts.

With that said, here are my Week Eight numbers:


Weight 123/123/130

Bust: 34/34/36

Hips: 33/33/37

Waist: 31.5/32 /34.5

Arms 10.5/11.0 /11.5


Now that the triathlon is by, I’d like to get my weight-loss back on track.  So I’ve scaled my diet back down again (minus the funnel cake I had at the county fair last night) and I’m hoping to lose a few more pounds before summer is officially by.  Want to join me in losing weight the #Cinchspiration way?  Thanks to the cool cats at Shaklee, I’m giving away a Cinch Starter Kit complete with everything you need to give the program a 2-week try.  The kit is valued at $228 and it will give you a good notion of whether or not the Cinch program is for you.

The Cinch Starter Kit includes:

  • Vanilla shake mix canister (15 servings)
  • Assorted Cinch shake packets (14 packets)
  • 3-in-1 boost™(42 count)
  • Assortment pack snack bars (10 count)
  • Energy tea mix (28 sticks)
  • Daily journals (2)
  • Cinch program guide
  • Cinch logo shaker cup
  • Cinch pedometer
  • Cinch tape measure


Want to win? Enter here:


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