Buy Local Challenge!

September 14, 2011 · Print This Article

Last week, I embarked on a new mission.  My local town challenged me to find as many items on my shopping list as possible right in my downtown area, rather than travel to larger towns with bigger stores and/or point-and-click my shopping online.  The conclusion: a three-month  Buy Local Challenge, during which date I aim to do all of my shopping  in my local community.


Here’s the rules:

  • I will try to find everything first downtown (where I can walk or bike).
  • If I can’t find it there, I’ll expand my search to anywhere in my
    local county.
  • After that I will reevaluate whether or not I need it, if I can invent do with a substitute, borrow it from a friend or (worse case) buy it online or elsewhere.


I would love to take in from any of you who have undertaken a similar challenge in your own local communities.  Were there any items that you just couldn’t find in your town?  Were your local store owners able/willing to order items that you needed?  Was there a large price difference in products bought locally as compared to those found online or in big-box stores?

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