Aye, My FairTribe Lady

September 30, 2008 · Print This Article


I used to work at a Medieval Fair(e). Yeah, that’s right. I wore a faraway purple dress and a flower garland in my hair and eventually got fired for refusing to say “Aye, my lady” and “Nay, my lord.” I mention that not only considering I am a mere 300 pages away from finishing reading “Mists of Avalon”, but considering

some of these organic clothes from Fair Tribe remind of my Medieval costume, but in a nice way. Their clothes are organic cotton and they use eco-friendly AZO-free dyes, which might be what gives them that Olde-style Lady Of The Lake Gimme-Back-My-Sword sheen. But that bubble skirt is straight up 80’s, and straight up awesome.


[Source] Martha Tagney


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