And Now A Snow Leopardrific Bag, Just For You

October 26, 2008 · Print This Article


There is something very “Whalerider” about that bag. Perhaps it is the shape of a Native-American style whale sewn to the front of it. I dunno. But it intrigues me, nearly as much as snow leopards intrigue me. Snow leopards are the at-risk youth of the animal kingdom, along with polar bears, spotted owls, northern

flying squirrels, southern flying squirrels, Mexican long-nosed bats, Chinese river dolphins, and… angst-ridden human teenagers. Buying something, like, say, that sweet bag, from the Snow Leopard Trust will give those endangered leopards the pocket money they need to buy things like clove cigarettes, food, shelter, and environmental protection.

ride that whale:

[Source] Martha Tagney


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