Get high on the HighLine

August 25, 2009

Everyone knows that urban living is less impactful on the environment, but whether you’ve lived in a city, you additionally know that it’s fundamental to get your fix of open space and nature – particularly in a city like New York City. That’s why projects like the High Line,…

Feeling betrayed by SIGG

August 25, 2009

Awhile back, I had written about my love affair with SIGG bottles, which I had asserted were the superior choice when selecting a water bottle. Why? considering they were BPA (Bisphenol A) free, foolish!
Well, I’m now disheartened to read that SIGG has admitted that their water-based epoxy …

Dressed Up Cat? Dressed Up YOU

August 16, 2009

DRESSED UP CATNow, I know that sounds like one of those sites where you get to look at pictures of people’s cats wearing fedoras or whatever, but it’s actually one woman’s collection of recycled and up-cycled vintage handbags. Some of them are pretty cute, like that one with the frogs.I’ve always ha…