Floating solar panels for the ocean

May 26, 2009

Conventional solar panels can only be installed on the surface of earth however the major part of the earth is covered by highways, buildings, forests etc. where installing panels is not feasible. The rise in the demand of energy and the lack of supply has always tempted researchers to look for ways…

This Lovely Ballgown is Made from Your Ugly T-shirts

May 26, 2009

ANGELA JOHNSON DESIGNSI could probably never pull one of these dresses off, but a ballgown made from old t-shirts is one of the coolest uses of repurposed clothing I’ve ever seen. Put one of these on and you are instantly transformed into a post-apocolytic Cinderella. And now I’m wishing I got invit…

Energy and exergy analysis of a solar air heater

May 25, 2009

Solar air heaters are simple device to heat air by utilizing solar energy and employed in many applications requiring low to moderate temperature below 60ºC, such as crop drying and space heating. In a solar air heater, the fins or obstacles located in flow area increases the heat transfer coeffici…

Multi Directional Wind Turbine Helix Wind S322

May 21, 2009

A wind turbine like you’ve never seen before, the multi directional Helix Wind Turbine S322 is ideal for urban environments, low draw and off-grid applications. Not only does it look innovative, other perks of the Helix system include that it’s inexpensive, dependable and simple.Mounted up to 35…

Summer Shoes Happy Fun Time

May 21, 2009

TERRA PLANAMy ex-boyfriend wasn’t good for much, but he did train me out of wearing flip-flops whilst traipsing around the dirty city all day. Don’t get me wrong– I still love my flip-flops, but I don’t love blackened, dirty feet, particularly not ones attached to my otherwise clean legs, so a good…

Cruises - better than air travel?

May 21, 2009

Not quite.
Earlier that year, we were thinking about possible vacation destinations, and cruising down the Mediterranean sounded like a cool concept.  One of my coworkers raved about a 3 week cruise she took to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, which compelled me to investigate further.
Just as I was …

Windterra Wind Turbine

May 20, 2009

When we built our off-the-grid house in 2000, our capability system consisted primarily of 8 photovoltaic solar panels. Since thereupon, we have been keen on adding a wind turbine to complement the solar, but just haven’t made that step yet. My father-in-law recently pointed out a small ad in the …

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