Something besides recycling for glass jars

October 28, 2008

Filed under: Home, TipsUsually, when a jar is emptied at my house, we rinse it out and chuck it into the recycling bin. Sometimes, it is refilled (soy sauce bottle) or re-purposed (balsamic vinegar bottle for olive oil). I have recently saved a few small artichoke heart bottles for holding small cra…

Green Gratitude

October 27, 2008

‘Tis that duration of year again. A instance for giving, a moment for reflection, and a duration for taking stock of the things that bring a smile to our faces and meaning to our lives. In other words, it’s a duration for gratitude.
Every month, as part of the Green Moms Carnival, gree…

And Now A Snow Leopardrific Bag, Just For You

October 26, 2008

SNOW LEOPARD TRUSTThere is something very “Whalerider” about that bag. Perhaps it is the shape of a Native-American style whale sewn to the front of it. I dunno. But it intrigues me, nearly as much as snow leopards intrigue me. Snow leopards are the at-risk youth of the animal kingdom, along with po…

Maria Menounos doesnt’ want your pets to have fleas either

October 26, 2008

Filed under: Celebrities, Tips, Natural Body CareLast week we gave you some tips on what to look for in flea and tick medication for your pets. This week Maria Menounos, host of Hollywood Green on the Planet Green channel wants to give you another concept in this PSA she filmed with the National Res…

Green Business Cards

October 23, 2008

Last week I attended a blogging conference where I caught up on all of the latest ideas and gadgets for blogging and teamed up with a bunch of great green bloggers. One of the most urgent things I learned at the conference about my own green business is that…my business cards need a makeover….

Disposable stuff costs more and hurts the planet

October 23, 2008

Filed under: Home, Tips, GreenFinanceIf you need more examples of how being green saves money, Trent, by at The Simple Dollar posted some more that week. His theory? The less you throw away, the less you spend. It goes along with some of the examples I listed on Monday. Using kitchen towels and clot…

How To Give Up Soda

October 22, 2008

For as natural and healthy as I try to be in my day-to-day living, there is one health-busting and eco-trashing habit that has followed me from childhood.  I’m totally addicted to Coca-Cola, straight up (no diet or decaffeinated versions here.)  It’s poor sufficient that I’m load…

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